Sunday, 16 February 2014

Facebook Marketing - Use This Social Network to Grow Your Business

One of the best ways businesses can reach out to their current and future customers is with Facebook. It's a shame that in 2011, most business owners have no clue how much power this social media network has and how they can use it to their advantage.

Here is what the numbers say. Facebook has half a billion users worldwide. In the US Facebook has 132 million users, roughly 42% of the total population of this country.

That means that a large percentage of the population has a Facebook account and a large percentage of the population you can effectively target on Facebook. This is where your current marketing efforts should be.

What for?

Not only do people become "fans" of groups, organizations, causes and businesses they like but everyone inputs in their interests when they first set up a user account.

Facebook gives you the power to create ads that appear on right side of user's screens and target people based of their age, location, gender and interests.

That is as targeted as you can get. All other forms of advertising employ what is known as the "shotgun effect" where you shot "advertising bullets" in a group of people you think will be interested. With Facebook, you are targeting people who have stated they like a particular thing or idea.

As a business owner you may be tempted to ask: how do I build a Facebook page for my business to attract these people

Here is where you have to put in a little money.

For starters anyone can theoretically make an official Facebook page for their business. The total set-up time will take you less than fifteen minutes. But, it will just look like your typical user account without a professional company turning it into an engaging and eye-catching fanpage. You want your Facebook fan page to look appealing and set apart from average websites. A custom profile pic and several custom tabs with CTA (call to actions) will be necessary if you really want your page to pay off.

The total cost will usually cost an average sized business $600-$1200 to have it professionally done. The investment is well worth it. 1000 fans is power. Its not as good as ranking number 1 on Google but it comes close. If you post something on your wall and 5% of your fans respond that is 50 new customers.

Recently a popular restaurant put a lot of money into their Facebook fan page on the advice of the owner's friend. Business was slow and the owner was reasonably skeptical but he did as his friend advised. In two months the restaurant's Facebook fan page grew to 1200 fans as they keep adding pictures, videos and menus tabs.

Now in the middle of January, the worst time for restaurants, business is better than every for this business. They are having record breaking Monday and Thursday nights, typically the slowest.

How did they accomplish this? Facebook. The owner sends out specials, updates, and prizes everyday and a good number respond and tell others.

Use the power of this social network to its fullest capability. Get your custom fan page created before your competition does. Its still new and there is ample time for you to get a leg up on everyone else and blow your competitors away by investing in Facebook.


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